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Primary Treatment

In the primary treatment  waste water is purified from ( solid ) substances based on their physical and chemical properties .
First, the coarse particles are removed by using a sieve. The type of sieve used depends on the type of waste water.
Once the waste water went through a coarse filtering stage, oil, greases and supended solids can be removed with a very high efficiency by means of an oil and grease separator (coarse) , a plate settler or even better by a flotation ( Dissolved Air Flotation DAF ).
The plate settler and flotation are often preceded by a physical chemical treatment with a coagulant ( FeCl3 or PAC ) and a flocculant . As a result, certain solutes (such as : proteins , heavy metals) coagulate to form flakes and emulsions are broken down leading to significantly increased oil and grease removal.
After the primary treatment wastewater can flow through to the biological treatment where bacteria organically break down the remaining contamination.
Through years of experience in optimization of purification, AAQUA NV is able to detoxificate even the most toxic waste water streams. Proper operation of the subsequent biological treatment is thereby assured.