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Sludge treatment

Sludge is produced In both the primary treatment as in the secondary biological treatment.

Depending on the final destination of the sludge, the different sludge will be processed together or separately.
In contrast to what many people think, the sludge consists primarily of water and contains only a small fraction of solid parts (between 0.5% and 7% of dry matter).
To reduce disposal costs and to obtain a more marketable product, the sludge is usually thickened to a semi-solid mass.
When dewatering the produced sludhe, various de-watering techniques are used depending on the end use, the amount and other parameters.
Aaqua NV has over the years built up considerable expertise in this matter.
Thickened sludge can serve as agricultural fertilizer, as a combustible for the production of green electricity or as a basis for biogas production.