Heat Recovery

Reuse of waste heat is very profitable and additionally also ideal to reduce CO2 emissions.

AAQUA has now developed two new technologies:

Through the BLUE HEat Recovery Operation, or simply BLUE HERO concept (patent pending), the wastewater of your company is used as a heat source. Cold process water is heated to 60°C. Given the huge energy savings, the payback of such energy investment is between 2 to 3 years. Taking into account rising energy prices you will notice that  the Blue Hero concept is not only durable but also extremely interesting!

The Blue Tower technology uses  the condensation energy out of vapors, even dirty, and reuses this energy to heat your water to 90°C rather than let it escape through the chimney! By condensing this vapor the largest "odor problem", which is often associated with contaminated vapors, is also solved.

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