Aerobical SBR-reactor


The AAQUA-SBR (Sequenching Batch Reactor) is an aerobic biological waste water treatment in a low loaded reactor. The already pre-processed waste water is brought into a large reactor where it comes into contact with the micro-organisms (active sludge, M.O.) and where oxygen is injected in a controlled manner. These micro-organisms convert the polution into carbon dioxide (CO2) and new biomass. This process requires a lot of oxygen wich is injected with different aeration techniques. The nitrogenbonds are also converted into nitrate (nitrification). An appropriated process control convert this nitrate into nitrogengas (denitrification).
The whole process is PLC controlled and the operation of the valves and motors is very simple. All process variables can easily be adjusted with the Touch Screen. The most important process variables are registered on a Logger.
The advantages of a AAQUA-SBR are:

  • Simplicity of process control and maintenance.
  • Large buffering capacity and hence protection against peak loads and periods of low demands.
  • Simple adjustement to the nitrification- and denitrification processes in relation to the nitrogen load.
  • No need for a separate sludge clarifier.
  • The specific control of the waste water supply into the aeration tank reduces the production of floating sludge almost to nihil.
  • A low loaded system will produce relatively low amounts of sludge in comparison with a high loaded system. The sludge mineralisation also reduces the smell.

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