Curved screen


The AAQUA CS (Curved Screen) is a simple mechanical sieve without moving pieces.

The special shape of the wedge wire bars provides an efficient separation of the solids and the waste water.

The solids are retained on the screen while water is falling through. The filtered water is discharged at the back.

The curved screen as well as the casing are made in stainless steel.

The application determines slot between the wedge wire bars and their shape.

This type of filter is often used:

  • in the vegetable industry
  • for waste water with low oil or grease content.
  • to filter rain water in case of recycling of rainwater
The AAQUA SIEVE-CS features a curved screen plate in special wedge wire Typical  slot opening from 0.5 to 2 mm. To avoid clogging of the screen, the standard curved screen can be equipped with a spray cleaning device or brushes. The curved screen can be mounted in a pivoting frame to achieve an easy access of the back of the screen for cleaning puposes. Flowrates from 2 upto 300 m³/hour can be achieved with 1 curved screen.

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