Oil skimmer and grease separator


The oil skimmer and grease separator AAQUA-FAT can be built in 2 ways:

  1. on a new or existing concrete oil separator/settling tank. In this tank a surface scraper is mounted to skim supernatant oil/fat to an oil/fat compartment
  2. as a complete stainless steel construction with a surface scraper and at the bottom sedimentation cones with automatic drain valves for sludge disposal.

The AAQUA-FAT is often used:

  • as oil and grease separator
  • in the chemical and petrochemical industries and tank-cleaning
  • in meat processing industry to treat specific flows separately as to valorize the grease
In the AAQUA-FAT installation oil and fat are being separated.
The scum formed is scraped to an oil-grease compartment.
Heavier particles such as sand, ...  won't flote but settle. At the bottom of the AAQUA-FAT there are cones with pneumatically controlled valves foreseen. Those valves are timer controlled so that possible sediment can be removed.

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