Rotary screen: external feeding


The AAQUA-SIEVE RSE (Rotary Screen External feeding) is a robust and compact drum filter. The sieving is done by a drum filter in slot diffuser (wedge wire). The most frequent screening size is from 0.5 mm to 2 mm The entire construction is stainless steel.

This type of screening is often used for:

  • applications with heavily polluted and / or fatty water as in slaughterhouses
The AAQUA-SIEVE RSE produces well-drained debris.

The wastewater flows from the outside of the sieve, the water falls through the slot drum and the dirt remains on the sieve surface and is  scraped off.

The automatic cleaning of this type of sieve consists of a few important elements:

  • The first scraping knife scrapes permanently the dirt of the exterior of the drum sieve
  • A second pneumatically operated scraper cleans on a regularly basis the accumulated dirt and fibers from the first scraping knife
  • An internal spraying system additionally rinses automatically the drum with (hot) water, from inside to outside.
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Additionally, this sieve is equiped with an overflow. At too high flow rates or too high contaminated water a overflow streem flows back into the pump sump. This avoids the overload of water would end up in the screenings container.

The whole design is very efficient. Because of the simple technique and good automation it is highly reliable and requires low maintenance.

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