Rotary screen: internal feeding


The AAQUA-SIEVE RSI (Rotary Screen Internal feeding) is a very efficient drum filter. The sieving is done by a perforated sieve drum with an internal screw. The drum with internal power supply is specially designed for highly efficient removal of solids from the wastewater. The whole screen is completely sealed with lids so odors can be controlled. The whole construction is in stainless steel. This type of screening is often used for:

  • applications with heavily polluted and / or fatty water which also require fine sievingĀ 
  • applications where high demands are made on the fineness of sieving and well-drained debris.
The rotary screen with internal feeding is specially designed for an efficient removal of solids.

This kind of rotary screen produces very dry screenings. Even with small punched-orifices (0.75 mm diameter and greasy waste water) the clogging of the slots is prevented by continuously brushing the drum. The spraying system is a standard feature on this machine. The whole design of the machine is well engineered with a very reliable concept and needs only little maintenance. The use of covers makes it easy to clean.

In comparison to a rotary screen with external feeding, this machine is higly efficient in the removal of suspended solids and the debris is clearly more dewatered.

This type of screen is therefore choosen when it comes to reliability.

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