Screw Filter


The AAQUA-SIEVE SF (Screw Filter) is a very robust screw which is perfect for a primary sieving in an open channel.

The sieving is done by a perforated sieve plate with the desired perforation (3-10 mm).

The whole construction is in stainless steel.

Optionally a screw compacter can be provided as to compress even further the screenings.

This type of sieve is often used for:

  • coarse screening for protection of the pumps
  • in municipal wastewater treatment
  • when unloading septic tanks contents and external transport of waste water
  • to remove coarser parts
Just like bar screens, the screw screens are placed inside the influent channel. Screw screens are often equipped with slot sizes from 3 to10 mm. These slots are continuously cleaned with brushes on the outside of the screw. They are an obvious choice ahead of a pump pit to protect pumps. By choosing a fine perforation, other sieve systems are not necessary. An advantage is that large debris are retained and can not be crushed by the pumps.

An optional feature is a dewatering/pressing zone. In this area, the last part of the screw screen, the screenings are compressed and dewatered. Hence we get very dry and compact screenings.

For septic tank receiving stations or external water receiving station, the screw filter is mounted in a preassembled stainless steel tank. Odour nuisance is minimized.

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