Scada Supervision


The waste water treatment plant is fully automatic PLC-controlled and connected to a PC with the a AAQUA-CONTROL SCADA supervison software.

The system is fully connected with the necessary measuring equipment and controllers. The human intervention mainly resumes to a visual control, fine tuning and service of the components.

All controlled equipment, all the values of the measuring probes (levels, pH, temperature, oxygen concentration) are logged.

When the AAQUA-CONTROL-PC is connected to the company network, it is possible to control the WWTP from another office.

With an internet connection of the company it is also possible to control the WWTP "on REMOTE" from your home or from the AAQUA-Office.
The AAQUA-CONTROL supervison demonstrates the complete process-flow with indication of active and non-active components.

The automation by PLC-controller in combination with a multifunctional "Touch Screen" has the following properties:

  • Visualising of process diagram with the indication of items in action.
  • Easy modification of timers and process variables.
  • Registration of the time in service of each item.
  • Alarm reporting with detailed description of the malfunction.
  • Set-up of week and weekend schedules.
  • Motors and valves can be set in 3 different operation modes : automatic - off - manualy
The biggest advantage of a "Touch Screen" is the very user-friendly handling of the console. The modification of process variables becomes a piece of cake.

No more use of very complicated codes for PLC-programming.

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