A pH adjustment or correction of the acidity of water is important to obtain a good physical-chemical reaction.

A pH correction can be done by adding acid (pH decrease) and / or bases (pH increase).

Herefore usually inorganic acids such as H2SO4 (sulfuric acid =) and HCl (hydrochloric acid =) and inorganic bases are used as Ca (OH) 2 (= lime) and NaOH (lye =)

For specific applications, acidification by mixing CO2 gas in the water is a very interesting technique.

Over the years AAQUA NV has obtained a great expertise in this matter in both the food and the chemicals sector.
In order to execute a proper pH correction the pH level first has to be measured with a pH probe and an associated converter. This converter controls an acid- or base dosing pump. The dosing volume is automatically determined in order to obtain the desired pH.

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