Blue Hero


Blue Heat Recovery Operation

Blue-Hero recovers the heat from wastewater streams by simple techniques in order to upgrade the the waste water into a sustainable energy source.

The thermal energy from the effluent of a sewage treatment is recovered with a combination of heat exchangers and a heat pump.

The Blue-Hero concept is managed in a such way that starting from a low temperature energy (eg 23 ° C) it manages to produce process water heated to 60 ° C and this with an unbeatable energy performance.

An example demonstrates the effectiveness of the concept:

  • The waste water treatment plant treats 500 m³ of wastewater a day
  • Purified water is released at an average temperature of 24 ° C
  • The calories in the waste water are very efficiently recovered, using heat exchangers and a heat pump. Every day 200 m³ day of process water is preheated from 12 ° C to 40 C!
  • On an annual basis (265 days of production) you save 1.725 MWh of energy.
  • With 1 kWh of electricity we produce up to 11 kWh of heat: COP (Coëfficient of performance) = 11
  • Compared to a conventional gas boiler this represents a saving of + / - 50.000 € / year
  • In addition Blue Hero saves normally 4 times more energy than the waste water treatment plant uses for its operation.
  • A reduction of more than 210 tonnes of CO2 a year is achieved (=73% reduction). This corresponds to getting 100 cars out of service (140 g CO2/km at 15.000 km/year).
  • The water discharges are cooled in summer and your waste water meets the temperature standards for discharges to surface water.
  • Finally, the pay-back of a complete Blue Hero is mostly less than 3 years. This is very short for an energy saving investment.
  • The premiums which are available are (cumulated) :

  • EANDIS (or other network administrator) : € 0.025 to € 0.035 per primary kWh/year saved but limited to a plafond of € 15 000.  Aaqua takes care of the study !
  • Increased deduction on investments : 13.5 % at a tax rate of 33.99 % = 4.58865 % of the investment
  • Ecology premium

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