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Waste to value

Blue Hero
A water treatment plant is often seen as a cost . That's not necessarily true...
Aaqua has in recent years increasingly focused on techniques that valorize waste. Because technological innovation is one of our core values, we went looking for easy to integrate solutions that are close to the needs of our customers.

Industrial waste water is often lukewarm to warm. The biological activity in a waste water treatment plant also produces heat. As a consequence the temperature of industrial waste water ranges on average between 20 and 30 ° C. Blue Hero reuses this waste heat to heat up process water.
Aaqua developed a patented technology that makes it possible to save tens of thousands of euros a year in heating costs.

When vapors are condensed they release condensation energy. The use of this condensation energy resulting from even contaminated vapors, could heat up process water up to 95 ° C. Because these vapors are condensed the often related " odor problem" is also largely resolved .

Through more advanced treatment techniques, we can ensure that your treated waste water can be used as process water. By partially closing the water circle you can make considerable savings on water consumption .